Booting is the primary as well as the most important stage of a computer for proper usage. It checks whether the peripherals attached to the computer as well as the CPU itself and the Operating System functions normally or not. If this process fails, it is a sign that there is something wrong with any part of the system. But if it happens at a vital moment when the user need to use the computer to prepare for the next day’s presentation or similar thing. [email protected] Boot Disk will help the user in that scenario.

The software actually presents a Live CD, DVD or USB for Windows which is capable of resolving a number of system issues in the most critical situations. The software is capable of recovering files that may be lost, Windows passwords or other security related things. Erasing data securely or even creating a system backup is also possible. The software is provided with an interface just like Windows and consist of a menu button which can be considered as a clone of the Windows start button and a clock on the right down corner.

The software is capable of doing the most common task at a critical moment and can be used by a user who have minimum technical knowledge. There is no such compatibility requirements, but it should be a Windows PC.


[email protected] Boot Disk

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