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Ad Cleaner


Ad Cleaner is an application which blocks the annoying advertisements and pop-ups from your browser. If ads are annoying you while surfing in web, then install this application, which makes them to go away. This software is both safe and useful. Ad Cleaner has a very simple interface for the users and thus the first time users too, find no difficulties while using it. It provides a lot of useful features for the users but then not all features of this tool come for free as you need to be a paid member in order to avail the fully featured Ad Cleaner.

It is compatible with almost every Windows versions. The software is efficient and trustworthy. Though it does not provide you automatic updates for adware removal, but it efficiently removes all the ads from your Internet Explorer or many other internet browsers. Ad Cleaner not only blocks all kinds of the ads, but also keeps the record of the ads, which it was blocked. If you want some specific ads to show, you can add them on the white list and the application will permit those ads to appear on your browser. The application comes with in-built anti-spyware and anti-adware.

Ad Cleaner also scans your computer and removes possible threats from the system. One of the major attributes of this tool is that it also provide protection from various virus or virus affective web pages and makes sure that your computer is free from any malware, trogons and viruses that can hamper your computer system.




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Ad Cleaner

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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