Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome


Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is a special variant of the Plus version of the extension which allows users to easily get rid of advertisements and other unwanted elements of a website in order to benefit from a smooth browsing experience. There are various intrusive ads on websites and all of them can be removed by installing and activating this extension, these two steps being achieved in a matter of seconds by users.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is activated by default after it is installed and users will quickly notice a difference. At the right end of the address bar, the ADP button is displayed and users will easily know if the app is activated or not. They can also find out if the website has been whitelisted in order to display ads.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome has a whitelist function and users can add to it as many websites as they want. These sites do not have their content removed by the extension, but each ad can be manually placed in the blacklist of the app. A word filter can also be used to block ads based on certain words. All of these actions can be reverted at any time by entering the Options menu.

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Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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