Billionaire 2


Billionaire 2 has been inspired by the game of Monopoly, and even though the ideology is the same, the game play is much more complex and strategic than that of Monopoly. You do have a classic board that you have to play on, and then you have to collect property of the same color in order to build more property and collect rent from the tenants. The place where Billionaire 2 differs from monopoly is that the game has a lot of innovative ways in which you can earn money and become rich in a quicker way. Besides building property and collecting rent, you can also invest in the stock market that has been created in a very realistic manner.

You can also earn interest on the bonds, and sell the stocks when the price is high enough. There are a lot of bonuses spaces in the game that have a thrill of their own, and you will get quick and effective bonuses when you land on them. You can also attempt to take over the opponent’s property and this gives Billionaire 2 and extra edge. There are multiple building options in the game and there is not just a single kind of property that you can own in the game. Instead, you can start with cheap houses, and then make your way to multi-million dollar building projects that will get you great profits later.

There are several different game types if you choose to play the full version of Billionaire 2, and this makes the game very versatile. The thrill of the game lies in being able to take over your opponent’s property, invest in the stock market, and also build different properties. You can have up to 4 computer generated opponents or play with 4 friends as Billionaire 2 is suitable for people of all ages.

Billionaire 2

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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