Movie Collector

Download Movie Collector helps the users to catalogue and organised their videos and DVDs. The best features of this application are the users get the benefits of automatic upload details, search functionality, loan manager and easy to use interfaces. There is an online technical support for all types of built in support.

With the application you get unlimited uploading and can download unlimited movies for your database. You can import the DVD and other file formats just by searching with the title name. The simple and easy user interface helps the users to utilize all its functions appropriately.

With every version, the application improves significantly and you can import the databases from different software applications quite easily. You can create a backup for all the databases. Searching for specific genres and titles is quite easy with Movie Collector and you can search just by entering the file format, series, actors and many more filters.



Download Movie Collector

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2020

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