FaceChat is a browser extension designed for Opera and users who want more flexibility when it comes to chatting on Facebook can give it a try. It can be installed within seconds and it will consume almost no resources at all, keeping the browsing experience as fluent as possible. A small button is placed in the right corner of the browser, just next to the search box, providing quick access to the chat and not only.

After FaceChat is installed, users will have to login with their Facebook credentials through a secure connection and then, they will be able to start chatting and keep themselves updated in regard to messages they receive. A small notification similar to that of Facebook’s will appear when messages are received and users can click the icon to expand the chat box.

However, FaceChat is not just about chatting with friends without using Facebook itself. People can also access other functions, such as the photo upload one. Photos can be uploaded with ease and descriptions can be added, too. If someone wants to update his Facebook status right from within this tool, he can do it and the update will be pushed to his wall instantly.

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  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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