GeoGebra is a powerful bundle that allows a lot of people to solve various mathematical problems that they might have to work on. A large assortment of tools is included in the program and each of them is designed to provide full functionality over a large number of various aspects of mathematics, such as algebra and geometry. However, these are only a few of the maths fields that can be worked on after launching this application. Each of the working fields is displayed on the main interface screen, where users can choose what they want to do.

The application can provide support for users that have elementary school problems that need to be solved, but university level exercises are not something difficult for this program, either. Everything in between these minimum and maximum levels is also supported, thus everyone can make use of the app in order to solve math problems. However, this software program should not be seen just as a homework helper. Teachers can also make use of it in class and they can show to students how to solve a new type of problem. In order to keep things organized, people can only show one step of the solution at a time, so everyone can read and understand what must be done.

The official website features a large number of tutorials that can be used by everyone who wants to learn how to use this tool, but the Manual should also be consulted. This comes in the application, as well, so users can try whatever they read in an instant, in order to learn about all of the functionality features. Multiple tips and tricks can be learnt, too, in order for users to easily make use of various predefined functions which shorten the time required to write a problem.


  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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