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Google SketchUp is a freeware application distributed by Google and it allows people to create their own three dimensional designs of various elements that can be later imported into Google Earth. This mapping system has become more and more advanced and, as the three dimensional structures have been made available, there was also the need of a special tool that can be used in order to create such virtual structures that re-enact their real life counterparts to scale. The Help menu is carefully designed in order to provide quality advice which will be helpful when working with the SketchUp tools.

There are a lot of templates that can be worked with and one of the main types must be chosen in order for the user to continue with the design. Google Earth templates are the main ones that can be used, but architectural design, woodworking and basic plans can also serve as templates for a project. After choosing the template, the user can start working on various models using three dimensional plans. Even if in the beginning it might seem difficult to work in such an environment, the flexibility provided by the application makes everything easier.

The main tools are available within toolboxes and the main one, featuring the basic tools, is already located on the interface. However, there are also other toolboxes that can be easily added to the screen from the options menus and all of these elements will prove useful. There is a useful measurement tool that helps users to find out if their drawings are to scale and if everything is correct, they can upload this content to Google Earth. Of course, this process is available only for users that have a Google account, but one can be created with ease in order to access the uploading feature.

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