HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool


HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is an extremely useful application that is provided by HP to users that need help with their USB storage devices. These flash drives have become quite powerful and they can store a lot of files, but the user will have to also maintain the device in order for it to function properly. Bootable flash drives can also be created and they can help when a Windows installation must be performed without a DVD. However, such an option is available only if a specialized tool is used and the presented one is suited.

The tool, despite being offered for free, does not come with nag screens or ads, so the user can focus on the tasks that need to be achieved. The interface is compact and offers concise information regarding the options that are available, so the user will not be confused. The tool automatically scans the system for connected USB flash drives and it displays them in a list – the user can choose one of them and then he can opt for a certain file type that should be used during the conversion. Data will be completely erased but the format will be achieved flawlessly.

Bootable flash drives can be done by only ticking a box during the conversion process and in the same amount of time, the drive will be ready for use. This application is pretty fast, much faster than the standard Windows format tool, and it also provides a higher quality format. Moreover, not only USB flash drivers can be formatted using the tool. Different SD cards can also be formatted with ease and this is a welcomed function, as some phones are not able to format SD cards that have various protection measures, but the software app will do it without any problems at all.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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