Mask Surf Pro

Mask Surf Pro


Mask Surf Pro is a tool specifically designed for users that want to experience a higher degree of security and privacy while browsing the internet. In order to provide such services, the application has been developed using the features encountered in the Tor service, an anonymity tool that allows users to route their access on websites in order to avoid offering their real data. This program offers free services in order to help users remain anonymous on the internet and it is easily configurable, even by beginners that might want to benefit from the services.

The interface is split between a few tabs and each of them will contain various information regarding the status of the tool and also about other aspects, such as the routing methods and more. The application is similar to a proxy but it manages to provide a higher degree of security because of the Tor integration. Updates are also constantly offered and users can easily choose to allow the tool to automatically update itself in order to save time. All of the web browsers that are installed on the computer will be detected by the tool and special profiles will be created for each of them in order to maintain security at all times.

Various geographic maps can be used in order to efficiently hide the original IP of a user. The tool is compatible with every Windows versions and browsers that are not automatically configured by the app are still covered. A manual configuration process is available and users can get through its features while reading the Help file in order to effectively protect their favorite browser against various threats. Three different Tor modes are available for this software app and each of them can be chosen without restarting the application.

Mask Surf Pro

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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