PC Tune-Up

PC Tune-Up


PC Tune-Up is a utility which provides a bundle of applications for those that want to tweak their computer settings and maintain the health of the system. First of all, users have to spend a few moments to install the app and then they have to allow it to scan the system. Then, they will receive a full list of hardware elements and they can already start by updating outdated drivers.

PC Tune-Up creates a system restore point before drivers are updates to that users can revert to previous settings if they need to. Backups and restoration of selected drivers can also be achieved within a few clicks. Users have to select the drivers they want backed up and later, when they need to restore them, they can provide the path to the file that was previously created.

PC Tune-Up allows users to defragment their disks in order to speed up the system. A registry cleaner is also available and it works in two phases. Firstly, it will scan for errors within the registry and after a system restore point is created, users can allow the tool to delete all of the errors. Constant system scans can be performed in order to maintain the overall health of the PC.

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PC Tune-Up

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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