PhotoInstrument gives you an extensive set of controls for photo editing. All these powerful tools and editing features are packed into a super compact interface. It is really easy to operate this program. Once you get familiar with the program features and tools, you will start publishing professional quality photos.  This program comes with a fully featured tutorial content. Therefore, you can learn the tricks and tips to enhance your digital portraits easily. The tutorials are helpful enough to guide you through the basic and advanced level of photo editing tasks.

PhotoInstrument offers you powerful tools for performing advanced level of editing and fixing jobs. You can add shading, remove skin blemishes. You can even remove face features and change skin texture with this simple program. The program interface is designed for all types of users irrespective of their photo editing knowledge. You can learn the basic editing functions while you publish high quality results. You should give this program a try and experiment with the professional tools placed inside.

If you want to give a perfect finish to the enhanced portraits, PhotoInstrument gives you fully manual controls over all the tools and filters. You can adjust the levels according to your requirements or at per the light condition on the photo. You can also fix skin imperfection easily and cover the flaws with lively skin texture. All the tools in PhotoInstrument are equally effective in giving you that perfect finish you wish to get. Get used to the new way of enhancing photos, get used to PhotoInstrument.

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