Prism Guard Shield

Prism: Guard Shield


Prism: Guard Shield is the combined efforts of the Army National Guard and Rival Interactive. The combination is deadly, and there is hours of fun game play to indulge in. Prism: Guard Shield is a first person 3D shooter game that allows you to experience the taste of real action. This game is a great balance between secretive operations, and fast paced action. There are lots of new weapons that you can use in the game and also learn to use them in the most spectacular way. The surveillance technologies used in the game are nothing like you may have seen before.

The plot of Prism: Guard Shield starts not too long into the future, and the main character of the game is made a part of a very secretive defensive unit of the homeland, and they are called Prism. The game os located in various famous cities if the US, and the main premise of the game is that when there is a terrorist threat, or even a hint of one, then this special unit is called in to deal with it. The best thing about Prism: Guard Shield is the number of unique weapons that you get to try out. There are single player and multi-player modes in the game that allow you to experience the game in a team as well.

The artificial intelligence of Prism: Guard Shield is very good, and so even in the single player mode the game is quite tough to play. the graphics of the game are spectacular to watch and also the sound effects are created to support the graphics well. also, Prism: Guard Shield is completely free to download. The downside to Prism: Guard Shield is that although there are very well created levels, they tend to look too dark at times.



Prism: Guard Shield

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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