Razer Game Booster


Razer Game Booster is a nice application that is intended for gamers that need a little bit of help when playing different games on their computers. Usually, applications that run in the background do not consume a large amount of resources, but as there are quite a few of them started at the same time, they might decrease a game’s performance if the computer does not have enough resources. Not too many applications automatically close themselves if a full screen application is started, and the use of a third party software app is justified.

Because of this, the presented tool allows user to easily control all of the applications that run and slow down the computer. The program uses a low amount of resources and it can be launched from the system tray, because it is launched at the system start up. The interface of the tool is designed in a minimalist manner and this way, users do not have to search through different menus in order to set up a certain profile. Such a profile can be created in order to save various preferences regarding the processes that should be closed.

The application provides Normal and Game modes, and in the latter the processes will be closed, while reverting back to the Normal one will also cause the applications to be launched again. However, users should double check each executable file that runs and appears in the list of the Game Booster, because various Windows processes might also appear there. However, the average user should be able to spot the useless and the critical applications that are running on his computer. The performance of the computer in games will be drastically improved with the aid of the tool and this way, users can better experience various video games that were lagged down because of various running applications.

Razer Game Booster

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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