Torch Browser

Torch Browser


There are several different types of web browsers in the market, available for download. But, Torch browser is a unique web browser with some unique features that might not be available in other commonly used browsers. Basically, the most commonly used web browser is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This particular web browser cannot compete with either one. But, can be considered as a major upgradation to the Internet Explorer users. You will find this software lagging in performance when compared with Chrome or Firefox.

The user interface is the most common arrangement, used for many other web browsers. Open canvas interface modulation has been used in this Torch browser. The most unique feature of this software can be stated as being an all in one web browser. Yes, Torch browser features a media player and a torrent downloader built within this software.The torrent downloader can be used to download torrent files. A separate file downloader has also been included in this web browser to make it feature-packed.

The major set-back of this particular web browser is that it lags severely in performance.It takes a considerable amount of more time to respond and or during webpage loading. Also, during navigating the internet;you are bound to get the feelings of using IE. Torch browser can manage all your social website pages at one click.Still, this software does not make enough effort to replace the one you are currently using.

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Torch Browser

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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