Tweak-XP is a system optimization utility designed to help users as they try to improve the status of their computer and operating system, as well. The tool features a large number of options that become accessible after a brief installation process. The first step that users can take while using the app is to clean up the Registry. An automatic backup will be created and the broken keys will be deleted almost instantly.

Users can move on and work with Tweak-XP in order to tweak other aspects of their computer with ease. They can use the discdrive function in order to better allocate RAM to the applications that need access to the memory. This way, they will load faster and perform better. The same feature can be used with hard drives in order to scan and fix them for errors. They can also be defragmented with the aid of the app in order to make files accessible faster.

Tweak-XP provides not just offline support, as it can also be used as an ad-blocker on the internet. Any intrusive pop-up or pop-under will quickly disappear from the browser; white and black list filters can be set up, though. The app can be used to remotely shut down a computer. Among this, there are also other desktop and visual tweaks that can be quickly activated.

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  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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