Unity Web Player

Unity Web Player


Unity Web Player is not just a simple web player, but it also provides a good amount of developing tools for users. Three dimensional elements are steadily becoming a standard in the internet and gaming industries and various applications are designed in order to make developing easier. This tool is installed with ease as it comes in the form of a web browser extension and the compatibility with the latest versions of the top browser is maximum. All of its options can be easily configured from the options page and this way, users can easily access every function of the player.

Unity is designed to enhance the capabilities of a browser and allow it to view 3D content in an emulated environment by the tool itself. This player, however, is only compatible with the content created with the aid of the Unity development kit, but users still have a lot of usability from the tool. Games that are also designed with the aid of the developing tool can be played in a browser window. The game list is found mainly on the official website, but there are other sources where such games can be found.

The plugin has been developed to be safe for its users and there are no other dependencies regarding it, such as DLL files installed in the computer. Moreover, the application will not access the Windows Registry and it will not add entries to it. Updates for the browser extension are automatically installed, but this routine can be changed. However, the user will be informed in both situations regarding the changes that have been made in the newer version. Newer web browser games websites are focusing solely on games developed using this engine and this is another reason for people to install this add-on.

Unity Web Player

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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