Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool


Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool is a small application that can prove extremely helpful when a user needs a back up of his Windows 7 installation files. As a user purchases the operating system throughout the Microsoft Store, he will receive it as a digital download in the form of an ISO file or as a package of compressed files. The ISO file is the required one for this application, and after it is downloaded, it can be burned to a DVD or copied onto a USB stick in order to be used later.

The application is designed to help the user in doing this, as manually copying or burning it is not enough and the image will not boot up to start the installation. The ISO file will not work, unless certain parameters have been written to the storage device and a small tool like this can provide this information automatically, during the copying process. The interface is clean and there are just a few buttons that the user can press, so there is no room for confusions. Also, the application is quite fast and the whole process of creating the bootable DVD or USB stick will take just a few minutes.

In the beginning, the user will have to select the Windows 7 ISO image and then he will just have to press a button in order for the application to start working. The progress bar will inform him about the remaining time of the process and it will not consume too much resources of the computer, either. However, users that want to accomplish tasks with this free tool should take note of the fact that only the standard ISO files that have been downloaded will be recognized. Various modifications of the images will make them unreadable by the tool.

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

  • LICENCE : Free
  • VERSION : 2014

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