Spreadsheet tool are applications for storing and analyzing data in a simple and efficient manner. These tools store data in a tabulated format and each component of data is stored in a cell, which is basically an intersection of a column and a row. Each file has several sheets within it and each sheet has several rows and columns. Besides the obvious tabulation of data, the tool comes integrated with several functionalities such as formula for implementing various mathematical and analytical calculations, graphs and charts for pictorially representing data, sorting and filtering options that help you easily search and find specific type or category of data, etc.


Convert XLS *****

Convert XLS is an application that works with XLS files in order to convert them into various other formats so that users can easily...

CSVed *****

CSVed is a powerful file editor designed for CSV files. These “comma separated view” files can be used to build different types of databases...

DMcsvEditor *****

DMcsvEditor is an application created to work with CSV files whenever the user need such help. CSV files can be used as databases as...

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